Don't be fooled by "green" disguises.

Insist on a Purity Guarantee.

  • Misleading advertising has invaded our industry.

    How can you compare all the choices among companies that claim to have the “purest” products at the “best” prices?

    Like the difference between fast food and fine dining, similar materials may be used, but the results can be dramatically different. Not all "organic" mattresses are created equal (even if they use similar materials).

    Companies are making false claims to dupe consumers into buying.

    The organic mattress industry is experiencing increasing levels of fraud, with companies making outrageous claims online about their mattresses being “nontoxic,” “chemical-free,” “organic,” or “hypoallergenic.” Many of these claims aren’t even possible. Only third-party certification by an autoritative certifier using accepted standards such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), can verify claims of "organic."

    Without independent testing and third-party certification, there really is no way to know what a mattress contains. Basing decisions solely on a company’s unverifiable claims is risky business. Just because it’s on the web doesn’t mean it’s true.

    Regardless of what you’ll see on some websites, it’s impossible for anything to be “truly chemical-free” or “100% nontoxic” – even the purest untouched wilderness landscape contains some chemical traces, and pure spring water can be toxic in high-enough doses.

    What is possible is to have extremely low levels of chemical outgassing, and that’s what we’ve proven with our certification from the prestigious UL/GREENGUARD™ Environmental Institute. We pass its most rigorous standard, for Children and Schools, passing tests for outgassing of hazardous chemicals that measure (BQL) Below Quantifiable Levels.

    We’ve always made the purest mattress available.

    From day one, we’ve set the standard for organic purity. From the U.S.-grown, certified raw materials we use to our Eco-Factory™, dedicated to building all organic products, to the GREENGUARD® certification for chemical outgassing of our finished products, our facility, materials, processes, and products are independently certified every step of the way. We even guarantee that we make the purest mattress available with our Purity Guarantee, which states that “If you can find a purer mattress, we’ll give you ours for FREE!”

    That proud tradition continued with the introduction of the world’s first certified organic mattresses. Our Classic Innerspring is certified organic as a finished product by Oregon Tilth to the Global Organic Textile Standard and now our latex certification to the newly developed GOLS standard.