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Organic Mattresses Made with Natural Latex vs. Conventional Memory Foam


There are two basic categories of latex - natural and synthetic.

Natural Latex

Natural latex is made from rubber tree sap that is whipped into liquid foam in a centrifuge, poured into molds or continuously onto a belt tray and steam baked. The highest-quality natural latex foam contains at least 95% pure rubber. Our natural latex producers have qualified for organic certification. Tiny amounts of antioxidants and additives are added to produce natural latex foam; chemical flame retardants are not.

Synthetic or Blended Latex

Synthetic latex is made of petroleum-based oils and chemical additives. Some blends include a small amount of rubber. Chemicals typically added include formaldehyde and flame retardants, which research has proven dangerous to health. 

Chemicals from synthetic foams migrate into household air and dust, either as off-gassing vapor or in microscopic particles released every time the foam is pressed with use. The micro-particles are absorbed into ordinary house dust.  Dust flecks act like tiny chemical-absorbing sponges. Infants and children receive the greatest exposure and carry the highest chemical load in their bodies.

How to Determine what you are buying

Ask to see the certifications.  The best way to confirm latex is natural or organic is to see the independent certifications.


Memory Foam

Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam with added chemicals. Memory foam changes its shape due to a chemical reaction triggered by trapped body heat. Proprietary formulas for memory foam vary, but the action is generally the same. Heat trapped beneath the sleeper causes the foam to conform to body shape.

The primary attraction is initial pressure relief. It’s a novel sensation to feel memory foam contouring closely to the body. Because the reaction requires trapped heat, however, every time a sleeper changes position, the memory foam must be re-heated to fully contour again. Repeated time lags for re-contouring can cause restless sleep.

Most memory foam tends to stop responding fully after a few years, and support may become uneven. Though the surface still “springs back” visually, interior foam cells may collapse and lose their capacity to support.

A well-known characteristic of memory foam is its acrid smell, sometimes disguised with odor-masking chemicals. This is chemical off-gassing, and is a threat to long-term health. Headaches and respiratory problems are often reported. Odorless off-gassing continues during the life of the product, even after the smell is gone.


OrganicPedic® certified organic mattresses are made by hand at our California-based Eco-Factory™ using certified organic cotton, wool and latex. Sleep on a luxury mattress designed for exceptional comfort, safe sleep and a healthy home.

Built by hand at our Eco-Factory™ in Northern California from the finest certified organic raw materials available, OrganicPedic Earth® mattresses provide a sensational feel for sleepers who prefer a plush mattress.

The REST® collection of certified organic mattresses combines pocket-coil technology with GOLS-certified natural latex and GOTS certified organic cotton and wool to create a natural sleep system with a great feel at an affordable price. Now everyone can sleep organic!™


The Standard for Certified Purity™

At OMI, we provide the purest and most honest, third-party-certified organic products in the industry. To help consumers verify our claim, we make our certifications public online and also provide a purity guarantee.

When shopping [for an organic mattress], ignore words like eco and natural. Instead, seek out companies that explain ingredients clearly and can point to where materials are sourced. Even better, look for third-party certification.
— Laura Fraser, "O" Magazine

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