Blog Article: Green your Bedroom • The Kind Life with Alicia Silverstone • Aug 16, 2011

The Kind Life Blog Article: Green Your Bedroom

I really like the store Green for Bedroom and Baby in Thousand Oaks! It’s a great place to help make your bedroom the healthiest it can be.

Several years ago, when I was looking to replace my previous (not very eco) mattress of 13+ years, I hunted high and low for an all-natural option. But here was the dilemma I faced: California state law requires that mattresses must be fire retardant, which is super-toxic. On the other hand, the natural alternative was wool — which wasn’t an option for me either.

That’s when the folks at Green for Bedroom and Baby helped me discover this great organic mattress company named OMI. Now, most of OMI’s mattresses are made with wool, and even though they maintain that they only source their wool from providers who treat their sheep humanely, I still felt uneasy about a wool mattress.

But, this is where OMI stepped it up. It turns out that the legal requirement for mattresses does make allowances in cases where a doctor can verify that there’s a medical excuse, such as an allergy to wool. A friendly chiropractor wrote me a note, which opened the door for Green for Bedroom and Baby and OMI to create a vegan, all-natural, all-healthy mattress for me (as they can do for anyone who has a doctor’s note). I wasn’t an unusual case — all of their mattresses are non-toxic, with low VOCs and no Kevlar (a synthetic fabric used in everything from mattresses to armor to racing tires). And, with the proper doctor’s authorization, they are happy to custom-make the mattress wool-free as well.

Recently, my husband and I went back to Green Bedroom and Baby for a new mattress topper. He prefers soft beds, and even though I tend to like harder beds in general, my hips were getting a bit sore towards the end of my pregnancy, so I was open to a softer option. The people at Green for Bedroom and Baby and OMI set us up with a super comfy topper (it’s a squishy thing that lays on top of your mattress), again ordered without wool.

So, to all you Southern Californians, I urge you to go check out their store. It’s super cute and stocked with all kinds of bedding and baby accessories that are all eco-friendly and healthy. Even though they do sell some wool products, they’re willing to help make almost anything without it. Some of their stuff can get a bit pricey, but it’s so well-made and sustainable that it just might save money over the long run — and it’ll help save the environment, so that new baby of yours will have a better future to grow up to! And of course, it’s the healthiest option for you and your baby.

Thank you OMI and Green for Bedroom and Baby!