10 Tips to Keep Your Valentine's Day Green

Romance is in the air as Valentine's Day is fast approaching. But rather than planning on grabbing a bouquet of flowers at the check stand of your grocery store, try to keep your romance eco-friendly.

Here are 10 ideas to make your Valentine's Day green!
  1. Plan a fun outing, like a trip to a new museum, art show, concert, etc.
  2. Cook a special dinner rather than going out. food vegetables meal kitchen
  3. Give a handmade gift like this DIY wine rack.Wine on the Wall
  1. Paint a picture.
  2. Write a poem.Writing outside
  3. Plan a picnic in the park if the weather is cooperative.Platbos Reserve Oak Tree Picnic
  1. Frame a favorite photo ot the two of you together.
  2. Skip the bouquet of flowers and give a potted plant that your loved one can enjoy longer and even plant in the garden.Vase of Flowers
  1. Buy a unique gift from a local artisan or vintage store.Distressed finish vintage dresser
  2. Give your full attention to your loved one(s) by making it a device-free night in with no interruptions.
However you spend Valentine's, be sure to make it a memorable experience!

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