Eco-Conscious New Year’s Resolutions

2016 is almost here, and with the New Year come New Year’s resolutions!  Many people opt for popular resolutions like losing weight or traveling more. But what if this year you tried something a little different and tried to incorporate some eco-conscious resolutions? Here are 15 resolutions to help get you started on becoming more eco-conscious:
  1. Implement a recycling system, or ensure that your current system is the best it can be
  2. Stop buying water bottles and use a reusable bottle bottles
  3. Add some indoor plants for better air qualitySpider Plant Blades
  4. Unplug unused appliances and turn off unused lights
  5. Make your home more efficient by switching out old bulbs for longer-lasting energy-efficient light bulbs, or install a new digital thermostat for more accuracy and to better regulate the temperature while using less energyOutdoor lighting
  6. Go Paperless - stop paper bills
  7. Pay bills online
  8. Lower water temperature to conserve energy
  9. Repair, restore, and reuse items, when possible
  10. Use rechargeable batteriesbatteries
  11. Adjust your thermostat one degree lower in the winter and one degree higher in the summer to help conserve energyThermostat against wall
  12. Buy local produce to reduce your carbon footprintFarmers Market and Occupy Eugene
  13. Take shorter showers
  14. Try to include a vegetarian meal in your weekly menuPlate of food with rice and vegetables
  15. Enjoy the outdoors
This is only a short list of ideas. However, there are hundreds of ways we can make our lives more eco-conscious.

May your 2016 be a happy and healthy year!

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