Grocery Store Wars, Teaching Kids the Importance of Organics

In today’s society, more and more focus is being put on going "green." From using sustainable materials when building houses to driving hybrid cars, many people are changing their lifestyles to save energy, or just to get healthy.  Changing our lifestyles is great, but how do we change things for the future? We teach our future generations the importance these choices make for their lives.  Teaching kids habits like shutting off lights when not in use and turning off the water when brushing teeth are good conservation habits, but what about their diet?

Supermarkets are like magnets for kids with their processed foods and sugary snacks.  We need to make organic fruits and vegetables a natural choice for children.  So why not educate them in a fun and entertaining way?  Here is a lighthearted and comical argument for the benefits of organic and non-genetically modified foods.



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