Man’s best friend deserves a comfy organic bed too!

Do you think of your pet as a part of the family? They need just as much care and adoration as you would give a child, right? I know our National Sales Rep, Whitney, would agree with this statement. I have seen her with her sweet lil’ pup, Tootsie, and she’s like her four-legged daughter. So of course she is going to take extra care of her lil’ lady!

female with dog

What would be a better present for miss Tootsie this Christmas than an OMI pet bed?

dog under tree

Just as synthetic materials outgas in our own beds, these same materials can be hazardous to our pets. Research has found that aromatic oils in red cedar can be a direct cause of respiratory or allergic reactions in small animals. With an added cover made with synthetics and chemical dyes, your poor lil’ guys may not be sleeping as soundly as you might think. Our organic pet beds are filled with 100% certified organic cotton and organically grown buckwheat hulls sewn inside separate chambers. The separate chamber design allows pets to customize their bed to their own special shape, and ensures years of comfort. The smaller round bed, great for cats or very small dogs, is constructed with an outer ring of 100% natural rubber. Along with our pet beds, we make a removable washable cover made from heavy-duty colorgrown organic cotton canvas in an attractive sage green color.  (Colorgrown cotton is cotton that grows in colors naturally, without bleaches or dyes.)

pet beds

OMI Pet Beds are available in three sizes: Small/Round: For pets under 20 lbs. - 20" diameter - Wt. 7 lbs. Medium: For pets up to 40 lbs. - 28" x 32" - Wt. 14 lbs. Large: For pets up to 120 lbs. - 36" x 48" - Wt. 28 lbs. Click HERE to check out a local retailer for more information on a safe bed for your best friend! 

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