OMI Featured in New York Times Style Magazine

stack of old mattresses In the children’s story the Princess and the Pea, a Prince tests his potential wife, the Princess, by having her sleep on a bed of 20 mattresses stacked on top of each other with a pea under them.  Throughout the night the Princess cannot get comfortable on the tall stack of mattresses and wakes with pain.  In the story this indicated that the Princess was truly royal with her sensitivity.   But in real life waking up with pain doesn't mean you're royal, it means that you're not getting a restful night sleep. In an article from The New York Times Style Magazine, Joan Juliet Buck goes on a quest to find the perfect mattress to give you that restful night's sleep. New York Times Magazine article For the story of her search and her rave review of OMI, check out the article Deep Sleep.

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