Spend This Earth Day Outside

When the sun is shining and the signs of spring are all around enjoy the day outside with Mother Nature.  Pick your favorite local area such as a park, river or lake and enjoy the day with your friends and family. Here are some ideas of Earth-friendly activities that you can enjoy on Earth Day:

  1. Pack a picnic picnics
Pack a delicious lunch of locally grown food and keep it natural by using biodegradable or reusable tableware.
  1. Clean Up Litter

    girl cleaning up liter

After your lunch spend an hour picking up trash around your favorite area to keep it clean and enjoyable for all.
  1. Take A Walk


Enjoy a leisurely walk or hike to explore the wildlife.  Bring along a field guide so you can learn about the different plants, tree and animals in the area.
  1. Make a list of Resolutions stock-footage-smiling-family-coloring-together-in-the-countryside
Discuss ways you can lessen your impact on Earth and make a list of resolutions that you would like to incorporate into your everyday routine, such as recycling, energy use, volunteering, cleaning up litter, shopping locally, buying organic, and more.  For a list of possible green resolutions see our previous blog, “Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Green Year’s Resolutions.” However you spend your Earth Day, be sure to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Earth.

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