Spring is in the Air...

Spring is finally here! After an unusually bizarre winter with the “polar vortex” swirling around the east and the dry skies in the west, we’re all ready to enjoy the pleasures of springtime. The sun is shining, maybe a little rain is still falling, but warm weather is here, hopefully to stay!   Here is a list of 10 things to do, get outside… enjoy the weather and your family and friends. 1. Read outside on a blanket in the sun 2. Go fishing with your buddies cartoon fishing3. Do some spring cleaning to fun music 4. Make these beautiful spring centerpieces, using simple glass jars and lemons for a touch of color! candles5. Fly a kite on the beach 6. Plan a “staycation” with these cool ideas 7. Take pictures of wildflowers girl picking flowers8. Make this delicious “dirt cake”: dirt cup dessert9. Walk barefoot on cool grass 10. Make a fairy garden like this one! potted flowers

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