Steal Your Health Back with Thieves Oil

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Temperatures are falling, and we are at the advent of cold and flu season. If you are looking for a natural alternative to fight the flu, you should try a “thieves” essential oil blend. During the Black Plague in medieval Europe, thieves would pickpocket the dead. It was an anomaly as to why those thieves were not falling ill. The thieves’ secret protector was a blend of essential oils they procured from Asian spice dealers. That is how this super-blend got its name.


I found the following recipe on Sophie Uliano’s blog. Use a dark glass dropper bottle. Make the blend by adding the following oils to to your dropper bottle. You can double the recipe if you want: 10 drops clove essential oil 9 drops lemon essential oil 5 drops cinnamon leaf essential oil 4 drops eucalyptus essential oil 3 drops rosemary essential oil Please note that the essential oils should be high quality, pure and ideally organic. They won’t be effective if they are not. How to use it: As it’s strong, you add just one drop of your Thieves Blend to four drops of a carrier oil. You carrier oil can be any plant oil you have to hand: olive, sweet almond, grape seed etc. Once diluted you can:
  • Apply a few drops to a Kleenex to sniff
  • Rub behind your ears and on your temples
  • Rub on your neck
You can use it every day, and especially when you sense or know you have been around germs! Safety patch test: I strongly advise that everyone do a simple patch test before using any new essential oil. Once you have created your blend, dilute as described above, then rub a few drops on your inner wrist or forearm, cover with a Band Aid, and leave for 12 hours. Then check for any redness or swelling. Most people will see nothing, but it’s prudent to check. Pregnant women should avoid this blend.

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