Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

~ Mother Teresa

Thank you sign

Thank you to all of our amazing retailers and family of customers for the amazing feedback and  friendly thoughts on OMI.  Your kindness and loyalty are forever appreciated.

Here are some of the wonderful things people are saying about OMI:

“Known for an obsessive devotion to quality, comfort, and the protection of the environment, OMI.” 

- Maureen Smithe, Walter E. Smithe Furniture, Chicago, IL

“What a nice way to Green the World”

- Edward Olshansky, owner of Green Cradle, CA

“OMI has proven efficacy with the highest quality and most luxurious organic mattresses available, providing incredible comfort for the ‘third of your life’ spent in bed.”

- Zem Joaquin, founder & CEO ecofabulous.com

“It’s no secret that as new parents we want what’s best for our babies – whether it’s our first or our fifth. Buying organic baby products is a great step towards insuring the health of our children – not only because it’s better for them right now, but because organically grown material is better for the environment as a whole.  OMI is one of the finest examples of this concept.

- Rebecca Hassel, Giggle NY

“We felt it made sense to compliment our sustainable furniture lines with an organic mattress, but wanted to make sure that what we offered was the most authentic mattress on the market.  We have been very happy with the customer response to the OrganicPedic collection.”

- Aaron Resnik, HD Buttercup Division Sales Manager

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