Thanksgiving is for Giving

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and celebrate with friends and family over a delicious meal.  A growing trend across the nation is to prepare and serve organic, locally grown and healthy foods, and this trend has now become present in homeless shelters. Bruce Horovitz from USA Today wrote an article that explains the drive behind this movement of healthy food in shelters. The full article is available HERE. Here are two quotes from the article as to why shelters are offering a healthy thanksgiving dinner for the homeless.
Director of Miriam’s Kitchen in Washington, DC, Steve Badt, “If I have a guest coming to my house for Thanksgiving, I'm not going to open a can of beans for them. A homeless person who is my guest deserves no less.  There's really no added expense, since all of the shelter's food is donated,” Badt says. "Why can't a soup kitchen run like a high-end restaurant if it's not costing anyone else money?” Co-pastor of the Greenpoint Reformed Church in Brooklyn, N.Y., Ann Kansfield, “Their dinner will be served the day before Thanksgiving and will include locally grown and organic fruits and veggies. "If that's how I feed my own children, that's how I prefer to serve other people's children."
It is this thinking and the generosity and donations of others that allows for the shelters to offer these healthy meals.

Lets take a cue from these shelters and make our own Thanksgiving celebrations  happy, healthy and most importantly, organic. 

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