We Hope You Had a Beautiful Earth Day

picture of earth from space

Sometimes it is important to take some time and appreciate the beauty of our world.  This video is just a minute taste of the wonders that span the Earth.


Here at OMI, we strive to lessen the impact that we make on the world. OMI has the only  Eco-Factory™ in North America. From start to finish, we offer you the purest products available. Our organic natural mattresses start from “scratch” with bales of raw certified organic cotton and certified-organic wool. These raw materials are then sanitized in the only non-chemical ozone chamber in our industry before being built into your organic natural mattress to make certain that unhealthful levels of mold, yeast, or bacteria will never enter your home. The organic raw materials used in our natural mattresses come from sources as close to home as possible, and we are proud to support American organic farmers.  Waste is also near nonexistent we use or recycle everything. Here are some of the fun ways we celebrated Earth Day: “10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day”.


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