10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Enjoy this Earth Day by choosing an activity that helps or honors this planet that we call home.

  1. Plant a Tree
Trees are not only beautiful but provide habitats for plants and animals as well. Your local nursery will be able to help decide what will work in your area.
  1. Go on a Nature Hike
Visit a local park, river or lake to see the beauty that is Mother Nature.  Take the kids along and give them a lesson on the plants and wildlife that are indigenous to your area.

nature walk

  1. Clean Up a Park
Spend a few hours at a local park picking up litter so that the area is clean and useable for all.
  1. Prepare an Earth-Friendly Meal
Pick a new recipe and cook an entire meal made with locally grown vegetables and non-processed foods to share with friends and family.


  1. Evaluate your Recycling
Take the time to evaluate your recycling and see if there are ways to improve upon it or establish a system.  See our earlier blog  “How to Create a Recycling System that Fits Your Lifestyle” HERE.
  1. Get Unplugged
Many people do not realize that most household appliances use electricity even when not in in use.  Be sure that all your appliances are unplugged when not in use to eliminate waste.
  1. Plant a Garden
Don’t have the space to plant a tree?  Try planting a renewable vegetable or herb garden.  If you have a smaller yard, the vegetables and herbs can be planted in larger pots and placed on decking.


  1. Go Paperless
Switch all you paper bills to E-bills and pay bills online to eliminate excess and unnecessary paper.
  1. Give your TV And Cell Phone the Night Off
Spend the evening without technology and electronics.  Read a book, have a family game night or visit friends and family.

family reading

  1. Pay it Forward
Donate to your favorite charity or organization- time, energy or anything you can give.

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