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Comfort Features

OMI organic mattresses feature innovative comfort features. From sculpting to Nouveau™ cushion quilting and more, learn what makes OMI mattresses so distinctive.

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Organic Mattress FAQ's

What makes a mattress organic?

For a mattress to be labeled organic, the producer of that mattress must be certified to an organic standard such as the Global Organic Textile Standard ("GOTS").

Certification involves annual reviews by independent auditing agencies. The goal of these audits is to ensure organic producers are abiding by organic rules in the production of their goods.

How can I tell if a mattress is organic?

Organic producers must be in possession of a current (ie not expired) annual scope certificate, issued by an approved auditing agency to the producer themselves.

The quickest way to know if a mattress is truly organic is to ask the producer for a copy of their current annual scope certificate.

If that producer does not have a valid scope certificate at all, or if they produce a certificate that is not directly issued to them (ie it is in the name of a supplier of theirs rather than their own name), the mattress is not organic.

Also, be weary of a producer who produces only the first page of their scope certificate, even if that certificate is in their name. Page two of the certificate lists products that that entity is permitted to label organic. If mattresses are not explicitly listed on page two, then the producer cannot label their mattresses organic.

All OMI mattresses are certified organic to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Our current annual scope certificate is available on our certifications page.

Are "natural," "eco-friendly" or "green" mattresses organic?

Don't be fooled by green disguises.™

Only mattresses made by a certified producer who is in possession of a valid annual scope certificate are organic.

"Natural," "eco-friendly," "green" and other similar terms do not mean organic.

Why should I choose to sleep organic?

Eat Organic? Sleep Organic!®

You sleep organic for the same reasons you eat organic.

Organic food and organic non-food products are produced without certain chemicals that may be present in their conventional counterparts.

But unlike conventional foods, conventional mattresses may off gas harmful VOC's into your home and body.

Considering we spend nearly a third of our lives in bed, sleeping organic is a sound decision that may promote overall wellness.

Are your organic latex mattresses made with Dunlop latex or Talalay latex?

OMI mattresses are exclusively made with certified organic Dunlop latex.

Are OMI organic mattresses free from chemical flame retardants and fiberglass?

OMI mattresses are free from chemical flame retardants and fiberglass.

Where can I try your mattresses in store?

Please visit our locations page for more information.

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