Innovative Comfort Features

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Comfort Features

Over the course of our 20+ years in business, we've developed many innovative comfort features.

These features have helped us achieve ultra-plush to extra-firm comforts, customizability, cool sleep, exceptional durability and more (all without compromising on our commitment to organic).

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    A contoured or "sculpted" surface provides enhanced support for the natural curves and shapes of the body. It can help align the spine, reduce pressure points, and improve overall comfort. Contoured surfaces also distribute weight more evenly when compared to a flat surface, to help you "toss and turn" less. And if you are seeking cooler sleep, contours allow for increased airflow under the body.

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    A pillow top is an additional top layer designed for increased comfort. Mattresses featuring a pillow top are more plush and luxurious. A soft pillow top is perfect for side sleepers that need a little more "sink" for their hips and shoulders. Soft pillow tops also help reduce motion transfer between bed mates.

    We offer both integrated and "floating" pillow tops. Our floating pillow tops are removable, flippable and sculpted on one side, to allow for comfort adjustments, and to extend the life of your mattress to keep you sleeping comfortably longer.

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    A dual-comfort mattress provides benefits for two sleepers by offering versatility and customization in one mattress. Each sleeper can customize the firmness level that works best for them. This leads to better quality sleep, and reduced sleep disruptions.

  • Organic Mattresses, Inc.

    Nouveauā„¢ Cushion-Quilting

    Our exclusive "cushion quilting" adds soft latex to our standard organic cotton and wool quilting. This creates a more-plush surface feel without compromising firm support.

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    Fully Quilted Covers

    A fully quilted mattress cover offers a consistent and even surface for sleeping. The quilting process helps to distribute the quilt-fill evenly across the mattress, reducing the chances of any lumps or bumps forming. This can lead to a more-even, more comfortable and supportive sleeping surface (when compared to tufted or "tack-and-jump" covers).

  • Organic Mattresses, Inc.

    Flippable Designs

    Many OMI mattress models are fully quilted and fully finished on both sides, making them flippable. Flipping your mattress not only extends its life, it also keeps you sleeping comfortably, longer.

    Mattresses featuring floating pillow tops have the advantage of a flippable pillow top and also a flippable base mattress. We call this a "four-sided" design.

  • Organic Mattresses, Inc.

    Zippered Encasements

    Mattresses with zippered covers and individual layers can be customized for comfort by rearranging or exchanging the layers to suit personal preferences, body changes, or life circumstances. Moreover, customizable, layered and zippered mattresses are easy to set up and move from home to home due to their modular design.

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    Extra-Durable Wovens

    Woven fabrics are more durable than knits. They can hold a zipper and keep a cover taut over an extended period of time without loosening (when covers loosen, mattresses become more plush). All OMI zippered-encasement mattress feature high-quality, organic cotton woven covers.

  • Organic Mattresses, Inc.

    Super-Luxurious Knits

    Knit fabrics have a soft and luxurious feel. Knits also stretch more than wovens, for more plush comfort. All "Tape-finished" OMI mattresses (meaning those without a zippered cover) feature our exclusive, luxury-weight knits; lightly sanded for a flannel-like feel.

  • Organic Mattresses, Inc.

    Spiraledā„¢ Filll

    OMI wool and cotton pillows feature our exclusive Spiraled fill.

    Using custom-built machinery, organic wool and cotton fibres are converted into a tight, spiraled ball for added resiliency, "springiness" and comfort.

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