Wool-Wrapped Organic Shredded Rubber Pillow

$169 MSRP

GOLS certified

Combining the best of two worlds, this dual-chambered pillow is a bestseller!


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This dual-chambered pillow is a bestseller!

Combining the best of two worlds - GOLS certified organic natural rubber latex and certified organic wool.  The center chamber is filled with 100%-natural shredded rubber latex to allow for sleepers to move the latex and shift it into the perfect sleeping position.  It is then surrounded by an outer chamber filled with the certified organic wool, allowing it to sleep cool and keep its shape. This pillow is made with a zipper, so sleepers can customize further by removing the shredded latex to create their personal loft. 

Perfect for any type of sleeper! 

Standard (20 x 26") • Queen (20 x 30") • King (20 x 36")